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Student Name: ____________________ Date: _______________ Map Activity: Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas KEY Peru 6. Which direction was the IncaEmpire from Brazil? 1. The Aztec civilization was located in which West country? Mexico 7. The country north of Mexico is the 2. Which civilization was spread out over parts of ______________________. United States Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia? Incas 8. Which of the following cannot be known by studying this map: 3. True or False: The Mayas were the most A. Which countries the Inca Empire powerful tribe in Brazil. False spanned. B. Which three civilizations settled in central and South America. 4. Were the Incas north or south of the Aztecs? C. Which civilization had the most money. South 9. How many countries are in South America? 13 5. The Mayas were located in parts of Mexico, 10. Which narrow country connects Central and Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and all of which South America? Panama country? Belize