Making Fun with M6

  1. Mathematics
  2. Mikel Macalindong
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NAME: GRADE & SECTION: Give the product of the given factors to reveal some interesting information. Write your answer on the box above the factors. 1. There are trigonometric ratios. 6X1 2. There are inches in a foot. 6X2 3. Sonnet is written by William Shakespeare. 6X3 4. Currently there are sitting senators in the Philippines . 6X4 5. A polygon with sides is a triacontagon. 6X5

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6. A yard is equivalent to inches. 6X6 7. Molybdenum has an atomic number of in periodic table of elements. 6X7 8. There were constellations named after Ptolemy. 6X8 9. Presently, Africa has countries according to United Nations. 6X9 10. In Philippine setting, years old are considered senior citizen. 6 X 10