Main Idea Shopping Fiction

  1. English
  2. Megan Oliver
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Name ____________________ Shopping Date ____________________ Fiction The mall was buzzing with activity as the holiday shoppers hunted for their gifts. Stores had bright displays and Christmas music was playing throughout the shops. Melinda was on a mission to find the perfect gift for her dad. She wanted to get him a new bow tie. Dad loved wearing one to work every day. She headed straight for the big department store at the end of the hallway. She decided to use the escalator instead of the elevator to get to the second floor. When she stepped off, she spotted the perfect tie to add to dad’s collection! Melinda paid and left the store with a smile tucked in her bag. Main Idea Terms What is the main idea of the story? What do you think each word means? displays-  Christmas Shopping for Dad mission-  There were bees in the mall. escalator-  Melinda’s dad had to go to work. elevator-  Deciding what to buy for Dad collection- Inferences Sequencing Answer each & explain your answer Put the events in the correct order ___ Melinda went upstairs. Where were the bow ties? DAHarker@2019 What does buzzing with activity mean? ___ Melinda left the store. Explain the difference between an elevator ___ Melinda bought a tie. and an escalator. ___ Melinda went to the mall. ___ Melinda went to the. department How could Melinda have a smile in her bag? …….store.