Logic Programming - M5 Quiz 2

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M5 - QUIZ 2

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I. Identification

  1. The term _______________ means if none of the other cases is true.

  2. A _____________ tests a single variable against multiple values, providing separate actions for each logical path.

  3. A _________________ is a series of nested if statements.

  4. Most programming languages allow you to ask two or more questions in a single comparison by using a conditional ________operator.

  5. The conditional AND operator in Java, C11, and C# consist of two ampersands, with no spaces between them (&&). In Visual Basic, you use the keyword _____.

  6. A ____________________ determines where a variable falls arithmetically when compared to a series of values that mark limiting ends.

  7. _______________ are diagrams used in mathematics and logic to help describe the truth of an entire expression based on the truth of its parts.

  8. A _______________ is an evaluation with multiple parts.

  9. If a statement containing an equal sign appears in a diamond in a flowchart or in an if statement in pseudocode, then it is a ____________ operator.

  10. C#, C11, C, and Java use two pipe symbols ( || ) as the logical OR operator. In Visual Basic, the keyword used for the operator is ___.