Logic Programming - M3 Quiz 2

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Module 3: QUIZ 2

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I. Identification

  1. A _________________ is one that can be reused easily in multiple programs.

  2. A ____________________ is a diagram that illustrates modules relationships to each other.

  3. The ________________ is the logic that appears in a program\'s main module; it calls other modules.

  4. ______________________ include steps you must perform at the beginning of a program to get ready for the rest of the program.

  5. _______________________ tasks do the core work of the program.

  6. The ____________________ contains all the statements in the module.

  7. To call a _____________________ is to use the module\'s name to invoke it, causing it to execute.

  8. ____________________ is the act of containing a task\'s instructions in a module.

  9. Programmers say the data items are visible or _______________ only within the module in which they are declared.

  10. The ___________________ includes the module identifier and possibly other necessary identifying information.