Listening term test 9

  1. English
  2. 8 Grade
  3. Tetiana Ivaniuk
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Listening TERM I TEST Name_______________________________________________________________ Grade__________ 1 [Track 15] You will hear three conversations. Choose the answer, A, B or C, which correctly completes the sentence. Conversation 1 1 The bus and the minibus tours A go to the same places. B are the same price. C are the only choices. 2 At the end of the conversation, Clara A agrees with Andy about which tour to go on. B asks Andy his opinion about which tour to go on. C says that she still wants to go on the private tour. Conversation 2 3 According to Sara, it is difficult to sleep A because the tent is uncomfortable. B if you camp in a forest. C after the sun has come up in the morning. 4 Alec wants to A get some information about camping. B invite Sara on a camping trip. C decide whether to go camping with Sara or not. Conversation 3 5 The girl does not talk about Madeira’s A location. B weather. C food. 6 The two people A are travelling to the airport. B have just arrived back in Britain after trips abroad. C are taking the train to two different places. (F1_U7_test)

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2. Look at the map. Listen and fill the gaps (Track 1) A. The speaker gives directions to the _______________ B. The speaker gives directions to the _______________ C. The speaker gives directions to the _______________ D. The speaker gives directions to the _______________ 3. Look at the map. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? 1. Speaker A says you should take the second left on to Green Street. ___________ 2. Speaker B says the shop is on the right. _____________ 3. Speaker C says you should go past the traffic lights and the theatre. __________ 4. Speaker D says you should take the first right on to King’s Road. _____________ (BC_teens_list_A2)