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  1. English
  2. 7 Grade-8 Grade
  3. Tetiana Ivaniuk
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Listening TERM I TEST Name_______________________________________________________________ 1 Listen to two friends talking about Sally’s house. Choose the best answers, A,B or C. (Track 1) 1 Sally’s new house is A old. B modern. C big. 2 The house is A in the country. B in the town. C near the school. 3 At the moment, Sally is A sitting in the garden. B playing with her dog. C in her bedroom. 4 Sally wants the girl to come to A a big party in the house. B a party in the garden. C meet some friends in town. 2. Listen again and complete the notes with one word in each gap. (Track 1) Description of house: modern / pretty / (1)__________ View from bedroom: (2)_________________ and a farm Furniture in the garden: (3)______________ and chairs 3. Listen to the three conversations. Choose the best picture, A, B or C. (Track 2) 1 Which subject is the girl good at?

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2 Which poster does the girl have in her room? 3 When can they go to the cinema? 2. Listen again and complete the sentences with one word or a number in each gap (Track 2) Conversation 1 1 The chemistry lesson lasts ___________hours. Conversation 2 2 The girl’s poster of Paris is on the _______________ above her desk. 3 The boy says he has to______________ up his bedroom. Conversation 3 4 On Fridays, the boy is learning the ______________. 5 Before the cinema they are going to have a __________________in the shopping centre. (GA_TG_U2_high) (GA_TG_R1_st)