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Name: ____________________________ 11. The port city was a center for business and traid. 11. _________________ 12. I just used my last stamp on the letter I wrote to Sally. 12. _________________ 13. Your agenda will help you keep tract of your homework. 13. _________________ 14. Esther is learning how to make a bar graff in math class. 14. _________________ 15. Beth and Tom knew they could win the tennis match. 15. _________________  Review Words  16. Even a small flame can turn into a raging fire. 21. _________________ 17. Liam needed to craine his neck to see over the crowd. 22. _________________ 18. The ramp helped the builders move their heavy supplies. 23. _________________  Challenge Words  19. The train leaves the station at eleven o'clock. 24. _________________ 20. The twinkling stars made the night sky look magikal. 25. _________________ Super Teacher Worksheets -

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ANSWER KEY Fix the Misspelled Words Circle the spelling word in each sentence. If the word is spelled correctly, write CORRECT on the line. If the word is spelled incorrectly, write the correct spelling on the line. 1. Madeline proudly rapped the Christmas present for Mom. 1. wrapped 2. Patrick tried on the mask with his Halloween costume. 2. CORRECT 3. That horse has a really good chance of winning the race. 3. CORRECT 4. The gardener went outside to rays the flag to full mast. 4. raise 5. I have a doctor's appointment at aight in the morning. 5. eight 6. Carey's aunt took a batch of cookies out of the oven. 6. CORRECT 7. What grade did Marisol get on the math test? 7. CORRECT 8. Nelson's parents are teaching him about Internet safty. 8. safety 9. When you hear his laugh, you will start to laugh too! 9. CORRECT 10. Zachary sometimes gets stage fright right before a show. 10. CORRECT Super Teacher Worksheets -