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  1. English
  2. Ana María Socarrás
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the biggest fast food company of them all, thinks transparency might be a solution. In 2012 it set up a website to give “personal answers to any questions” about the firm’s food. And the questions can be pretty direct, from “What’s the healthiest food item on the menu?” to “Why doesn’t the food go bad?” This transparency (7) -E- only applies to McDonald’s Canada, but I think it’s a step in the right direction. If McDonald’s, a company that isn’t known for being open, is willing to be open with the public to end mistrust, it shows that the right to know and transparency movements are bringing about positive social change. – Position 4 – 1 According to the professor, what will the 2 Select the correct word to fill in blank -A-. class focus on? a. detailed a. how societies develop into formal or b. detailing informal groups c. detail b. what social movements are and what their d. details purpose is c. why societies rarely change in positive ways 3 Select the correct word to fill in blank -B-. 4 Select the correct word to fill in blank -C-. a. opened a. citizens b. opening b. all of us c. openly c. only she d. open d. the newspapers 5 Select the correct word to fill in blank -D-. 6 Select the correct word to fill in blank -E-. a. objection a. initiative b. projects b. institutions c. questions c. investigation d. revelations d. issues 7 The words bring about on paragraph 1 8 The notes represent above are closest in meaning to a. a couple of social movements have the a. To pull closer from an undetermined potential to solve these issues and bring original point lasting benefits to society. b. To make something happen b. two important social movements that bring no c. To consider issues and are of immediate benefit for the d. To have a conversation about something society. c. To social movements there are less issues and more benefits connected to society. d. The second of the social movements could solve issues and add benefits to society. 9 What was NOT in paragraph 6 10 Insert the paragraph in the correct position: a. The information was controversial Position 1-Position 2-Position 3-Position 4 b. The information was released to the public “To sum up, right to know focuses on what people c. The politicians acted in good faith want organizations to disclose. As I said, they’re d. People felt mistrust towards certain like opposite sides of the same coin” politician’s actions. 11 Choose the three answers that summarize the main points that the professor makes. a. Politicians around the world are unfamiliar with social movements such as the right to know movement. b. The right to know movement focuses on getting organizations to disclose information. c. The movement for transparency aims to get organizations to be open with information. d. The global financial crisis of 2008 was mainly the result of organizations not acting transparently. e. The right to know and transparency movements led to political changes in the U.K. and Iceland.

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