Level 4 - Chika goes to church - editable worksheet

  1. English
  2. By Subhopriyo Sen
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Level 4 Questions on “Chika Goes to Church 1. Read the sentence. Fill in the blanks with 2. Look at the pictures. Write the answers in the help of the words in the box. one word with the help of the given pictures. Chad bench munch church train chipmunks bench chess 1. Chika is an Ostrich. She lives on a ranch with _____________. 2. Chika wants to visit the _____________ nearby. 3. They sit on the _____________ and have lunch. 4. The chipmunks _____________ on nuts.

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Level 4 3. Read the passage and answer. They sit in the train and reach the church. They sit on the bench and have lunch. They had chops, cheese and a bunch of grapes. They spot a chest under the tree. It has lots of cash. Fill in the blanks. 1. They sit in the ____________ and reach the church. 2. They sit on the bench and have ____________. 3. They had chops, ____________ and a ____________ of grapes. 4. They spot a ____________ under the tree. It has lots of ____________. Read and Write chip Chad bunch munch chops chest cash lunch bench church ranch