Jose! Born to Dance Comprehension Test

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Lesson 10 w e e k ly t e s t s 1 0 . 4 Name Date José! Born to Dance Comprehension Comprehension Answer Numbers 1 through 10. Base your answers on the article “José! Born to Dance.” 1 Why does the author tell about the pet 4 What is the MAIN reason the author uses canary that sang to José? Spanish words? A to tell why José drew pictures F to make the text longer B to explain why José always had a G to show José’s heritage pet bird H to teach Spanish to the reader C to show when music first touched I to make the text more interesting José’s life D to tell why José enjoyed going to Grandmother’s house 5 Why did José and his family move to Nogales? A to escape the civil war 2 When did José first see dancers? B to find work for José’s father F when Papa took him to the theater C to get medical care for José’s mother G when he went to a museum in New York D to allow José to become a famous dancer H when he went to his Grandmother’s house I when he went with Charlotte to a 6 In this article, how does the author dance concert organize the events in José’s life? F in order of importance 3 At the beginning of the article, why does G in problem and solution order the author describe different types of H in compare and contrast order dancing? I in the time order they happened A to teach about different cultures B to compare bullfighting and dancing C to show how José responded to each dance D to explain how different dances are performed Author’s Purpose, Genre: Biography, Simile and Metaphor, Anchor Text 18 Grade 4, Unit 2 © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

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