Len and Gus Reading

  1. English
  2. 2 Grade
  3. Esther Lee
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I Can Read Fluently! Len and Gus 1) What happened after Gus went on a fun run? Len and Gus A. Len the Lion hugged Gus The sun was hot. The sky was blue. The grass was green and fluffy. B. Len the Lion caught Gus Gus the mouse was on a fun run. But the fun did not last! ____/28 C. Len the Lion petted Gus “I got you!” said Len the Lion. “A log is a fun spot to hide.” ____/43 “Let me go! I beg you!” said Gus. “It may be a lot to ask. But if you 2) What did Gus promise to do for Len, if Len set set me free, I’ll help you some day.” ____/69 him free? “That is funny!” said Len. “You are not even as big as a pup. How A. Gus would help Len someday could you help me? But I’ll let you go. Run, mouse, run!” ____/96 B. Gus would fight Len someday Gus ran. C. Gus would see Len someday One day, a net fell on Len. He could not get free. _____/110 3) How was Len caught after he let Gus go? “Men set this trap,” he said. “I am stuck like a bug in a web!” Len A. He fell into a pit gave a big ROAR. Gus was on a run. “That sounds like Len!” he said. “I bet I can help B. He ran into the river him. This is a job for a mouse!” He ran to Len. ____/158 C. He was caught in a net “Let me see,” said Gus. “I must study the net. I must find the best Why did Len give a big roar? spot to cut it.” __________________________________________ “Study fast!” said Len. “Or the men will get me!” ____/187 __________________________________________. Gus tugged at the net. He cut the net with his teeth. He set Len free. How did Gus help Len? “That was quick!” Gus said. Len shook his paw. __________________________________________ “A little friend can be a big help!” said Len. ____/222 __________________________________________.