Legends about the discovery of fire

  1. English
  2. Elsa Novia Barata
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KEY Tick off TRUE or FALSE ! Answer the questions! 1. The brothers 2. Tierra del 1. Who was Zeus? 2. Who was Ioalox were Fuego is in He was the Zeus´favourite? good spirits. North America. father of the Prometheus. gods. True False True False 3. The elder 4. He could 3. How were 4. What did he brother found make a flame Prometheus´ teach them? a flintstone with hay. creatures? He taught them to They were use their hands True False True False similar to the and use their gods. minds. 5. He put woods 6. He thought on the flame. fire was a 5. What did the 6. What else did wonderful gift. True False humans do? he give his True False They built creatures? houses, cities The fire. 7. He wanted 8. The younger and ships, and the fire to burn brother put they cultivated forever. out the fire. the fields. True False True False 7. Where did he 8. What did lit he torch? Zeus send to the He lit a torch at humans? Helios´ sparking He sent many chariot. incurable diseases, the plague and fever. 9. How was P. 10. Who rescued punished? Prometheus? He was chained Heracles, the son to a rock where of Zeus. he had to stay without food and drink and sleep.