Learning Task 1-2 The Earth Q2W4 HAWTHORN

  1. Natural Science
  2. 8 Grade
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LEARNING TASK 1: Using the given organizer, write the necessary information to complete the concept of seismic waves. NOTE: The circles are the meaning/definition of each under the body and surface waves. SEISMIC WAVES Body Surface Waves Waves What have you learned from this activity? Write your reflections here:

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Learning Task 2: Prepare a basin with half-filled water and stone. Drop a stone into the basin and observe what will happen. Write your answers in your answer sheet. 1. What happens when you drop the stone? Ans: 2. What causes the ripples to form? Ans: 3. How far does the ripple continue? Ans: The vibrations are more properly called seismic waves. As seismic waves travel through the body of the Earth, they behave in different ways, depending on what they encounter a long way. Learning Task 3: Read the instructions found on the next page. Answer the questions. Write your answers in your answer sheet. Material: 12-inch flexible plastic ruler Procedure: 1. Hold the ruler horizontally at both ends. Bend the ruler. Q1: Do you feel the ends of the ruler pushing against your hands? Ans: 2. Now release the ruler. Q2: What will happen to the ruler as you release it? Ans: 3. Now, hold one end of the ruler firmly with your right hand and bend the ruler again with your left hand. Q3: What was stored as you bent the ruler using your left hand? Ans: 4. While keeping a tight grip with your right hand, take away your left hand quickly.

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Q4: What will happen to the ruler as you quickly take away your left hand? Ans: