LB 6th Unit test 02A


3 Choose the correct options. Unit test 2A 0 Have you got a / any sandwiches? 1 There isn’t some / any milk. Grammar 2 Is / Are there any tomatoes? 1 Complete the sentences with the 3 There are / aren’t no mushrooms. present simple or present continuous. 4 There is / are some yoghurt. 5 There isn’t / is any milk. 0 Alex usually plays tennis once a 6 We haven’t got any / no lettuce. week. (play) 1 They dinner right now. ___/6 marks (eat) 2 Kylie her computer at Vocabulary the moment. (not use) 3 My friend sometimes 4 Write the sports. articles for a magazine. (write) 4 We up early on Sundays. (not get) 5 Tony to school by bus 0 football every day. (go) 6 My mum music at my school every week. (teach) 1 7 Jake and Luisa in the garden today. (work) 8 Greg usually to bed early. (not go) 2 ___/8 marks 3 2 Complete the sentences with the verb + gerund (-ing) form. 0 I love watching basketball on TV. 4 (watch, love) 1 I to school in the morning. (cycle, not mind) 2 My sister in the 5 park. (run, love) 3 We football in the rain. (play, not like) 4 Jessie team 6 sports. (do, hate) 5 Max and Lisa in the sea. (swim, enjoy) 6 My dad (ski, prefer) to ice skating. 7 ___/6 marks ___/7 marks Photocopiable © Pearson Education Ltd 2017

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