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Your mark: ROW E REPORTED SPEECH EVALUATION ___/52 Name: ________________________________________ 1st Senior ____ November _____ 2021 I. Read the following statements and write “T” if it’s True or “F” if it’s False. (2 pts each) 1. The reported form of WILL is won´t ______ 2. If the person asks “Who are you?” We report it as “She asked who I am” ______ 3. We report in past continuous because the sentence was in present continuous ______ 4. The reported form of can is can’t ______ 5. If the sentence is in SIMPLE PRESENT, we report it in simple past ______ 6. If the person says “Are you ok?” We report it as “She asked if I was ok” _____ 7. When we report a question, we make another question but in past. ______ 8. When we ask Yes/No questions we have to say “She asked if…” _____ II. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs, pronouns or question forms. (2 points each) 1. “How did you get that bump?” – Peter Parker He asked _______ I _______ that bump. 2. “A little blister can’t be that much of a deal” – Mary Tudor She said that a little blister ________ _________ that much of a deal. 3. I’m wood carving so I’m afraid I will get a splinter – Billy Joel He said he _______ wood carving so he was afraid he ________ get a splinter. 4. “Is that a dislocation?” – My classmates They asked If that _______ a _____________. 5. “Your arm doesn’t look good; I think that is a fracture” – Elon musk He said my arm _________ look good, he ________ it was a fracture. 1

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