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Your mark: ROW D REPORTED SPEECH EVALUATION ___/52 Name: ________________________________________ 1st Senior ____ November _____ 2021 I. Read the following statements and write “T” if it’s True or “F” if it’s False. (2 pts each) 1. If the person asks “Who are you?” We report it as “She asked who was I” ______ 2. When we ask Yes/No questions we have to say “She asked yes…” _____ 3. The reported form of WILL is would ______ 4. The reported form of can is could ______ 5. If the sentence is in SIMPLE PRESENT, we report it in past continuous ______ 6. If the person says “Are you ok?” We report it as “She ask If I was ok?” _____ 7. When we report a question, it becomes a statement (not a question). ______ 8. We report in past continuous because the sentence was in present perfect ______ II. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs, pronouns or question forms. (2 points each) 1. “Is that a fracture?” – Peter Parker He _______ _______ that was a fracture. 2. “I don’t know what blisters are!” – Mary Tudor She said she ________ know what blisters __________. 3. If you don’t wear gloves, you’ll get a splinter – Billy Joel He said that if I _______ wear gloves I __________ get a splinter. 4. “How can you dislocate your arm so easily?” – My classmates They asked _________ I ___________ dislocate my arm so easily. 5. “Your arm is not getting any better” – Elon musk He said my __________ ___________ getting any better. 1

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