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D. RAM Size – at least 2Gb Use the image below to answer items 11. Please refer to the image below. What is 13-15. an unallocated space? A. Also referred to as “free space,” is the area on a hard drive where new files 13. Where will the computer boot? can be stored. A. [CDROM:P0-PIONEER D] B. A logical division of a hard disk. B. [IDE:WDC WD1002FAEX] C. A form of computer memory that can C. [Disabled] be read and changed in any order, D. None of the above typically used to store working data. D. A type of electronic storage that 14. If you want to move the 2nd Boot Device comes built in to a device during up to 1st Boot Device, and vice versa, manufac-turing. what key will you press? A.   12. Refer to the image below. Which option B.  will you choose to install a new copy of C. +- Windows which does not keep your files, D. F10 settings, and programs? 15. How will save your settings in the BIOS? A. Press F1 B. Press F10 C. Press ESC D. Press + 16. What operating system is this? A. Upgrade B. Custom (advanced) C. Any of the option can be used D. None A. Windows 8 B. Windows 10 C. Windows 11 Activity Sheet in CSS NC II | Grade 11, Module 3, Week 8-11 | Page 2 of 5

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