ICS - Language Art 3 - Unit 3 - Final E

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Name: _______________________________ Date: ______________________ Final /e/: Vowel Sound Change The VCE Rule: The final /e/ goes by many names. When there is a vowel (V), a consonant (C) , and an e (E) Whether you call it the sneaky e, silent the vowel changes from a short vowel to a long vowel. e, or magic e, it does the same job! Example: hop (short /o/ sound) hope (long /o/ sound) Part 1 Directions: Add an e to these short vowel words to create a new word. Read the words aloud to yourself to see how the final /e/ changes the word. 1. rid ____________________ 5. man ____________________ 2. tap ____________________ 6. pin ____________________ 3. cap ____________________ 7. not ____________________ 4. cub ____________________ 8. rob ____________________ Part 2 Directions: Use the words you created in Part 1 to complete the sentences below. 1. My mom wrote a _______________ to my teacher to explain why I was absent. 2. The superhero wears a _______________ as he flies through the air in the movie. E 3. A beautiful _______________ tree was in the middle of the backyard. 4. We took a _______________ around on the lake on a boat. 5. On a cold day, it is nice and cozy to wear a _______________. 6. Use _______________ to fix the ripped paper. 7. The tissues on the desk were in a box shaped like a _______________. 8. The lion’s _______________ was a wild orange color. If you have extra time... Doodle! It turns out that doodling and coloring can increase our creativity and focus. If you add a final /e/ to the word above, what is your new word? _________________________ Copyright Find worksheets, games, © 2018&Education.com lessons LLC All Rights Reserved more at education.com/resources More worksheets at www.education.com/worksheets © 2007 - 2021 Education.com