Unit 23 - Kid rappers lvl m quiz

  1. Literature
  2. 6 Grade
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LEVEL M Benchmark Passage Quick Check Kid Rappers Name Date Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. 1. What was the author’s purpose 4. Why did Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Bow for writing the passage? Wow change their names? A to entertain you with funny A They stopped rapping stories about rappers and wanted to use their real names again. B to persuade you to practice a skill such as rapping B They grew older and thought the “Lil’” in their names made C to inform you about popular them sound childish. kid rappers D to teach you how to write C They found out about each a rap song as a kid other and didn’t want people to confuse them. 2. Which rappers first became D They grew older and wanted stars in their teens? new kid rappers to use the names. A Will Smith and LL Cool J B Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Bow Wow 5. What is the best summary C CJ Dippa and P-Star of the passage? D LL Cool J and CJ Dippa A Some rappers gained fame on TV talent shows. 3. What does the word talent mean? B Some rappers had success A natural kindness in their teens or earlier. B natural grace C Kid rappers are always better than older rappers. C natural humor D natural skill D Kids who are rappers often become actors. © Learning A–Z All rights reserved. www.readinga-z.com