Kayleigh Ellis Mathematics Assessment Worded Problems December 2021

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Lizzie lives in a very big and polluted city. One day, she organized a clean-up drive to help reduce the pollution. 1. They started by cleaning the rivers that flow through the city. If her group was able to collect 387 pounds of garbage and another group gathered 39 pounds less than Lizzie’s group, how much garbage were the two groups able to gather? 2. After cleaning the rivers, they went on to tidy up the farmlands. If Lizzie’s group covered 250 acres of land and the other group covered 265, how many more acres of land remains to be cleaned if there is total of 900 acres of land? 3. The city has 1,200 people living in 453 houses. The two groups will also collect garbage from all the houses in the city. If Lizzie’s group covered 238 houses while the other group covered 190, how many more houses remain?

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