Kairos Grammar Assessment December 2021

  1. English
  2. 1 Grade-3 Grade
  3. Tracia Phillips
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Name: _______________________ Select the word that is spelt correctly in each row. thangs thnigs things tnhigs consamer cunsumer consumer comsuner producer preducer produser prodocer breght bright brihgt britgh resource rasource risource resuorce country cauntry conutry counrty barth brith borth birth cycle cylce cycel cykle graat graet great greot throogh through thorugh throguh Put these words in alphabetical (abc) order ship car train bus hand eye mouth foot badger bear bobcat bluebird pear plumb pineapple pumpkin club clay clever clip thorn thimble throw thaw

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Match the words in Column A with its synonym in Column B Column A Column B breeze tell angle dirt duffel dress collide lost large grade frock wind misplaced clash say sack rank slant grime grand Match the words in Column A with its antonym in Column B Column A Column B quiet pain drop jog harmony grand comfort loud shallow sound tiny clash quiet centre edge carry crawl mess tidiness deep

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Select the correct homophone to complete each sentence. Select the correct meaning of the underlined words in each sentence below. Identify the subject in each sentence and write it in the box.

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