Japan and West Africa Test


Name ____________________ Date ____________________ Block ____________________ Ancient Japan and West Africa Test Directions: Write the correct vocabulary word beside its definition. 1. Long distance traders of West Africa A. Berbers B. Daimyo 2. Leader of the Japanese feudal system C. Emperor D. Shogun 3. Muslim desert dwellers who carried goods across the desert E. Wangara 4. High ranking military commanders in Japan who controlled 25% of Japan’s land 5. Powerful warriors who ruled 75% of Japan’s land as their independent kingdoms Directions: Select the letter of the best answer. 6. Which was NOT a result of Japan’s policy of isolation? A. Traveling abroad was outlawed B. Almost all foreign books were banned C. Foreign people were forced out of Japan D. Traded with Netherlands and Korea stopped 7. Which of the following countries had a major influence on Japanese culture? A. India B. China C. Russia D. Vietnam 8. What was the main function of Samurai in Japanese society? A. Write poetry B. Conquer Korea C. Defend Daimyos D. Manage farmland 9. What Japanese religion worships ancestors and spirits in nature? A. Islam B. Taoism C. Shintoism D. Buddhism 10. Which is TRUE of Japanese religious practice? A. Shintoism discouraged the worship of the emperor B. Buddhism was rejected because of their policy of isolation C. Buddhism was welcomed and practiced alongside of Shintoism D. Islam was adopted in the 9th century and replaced previous religions 11. Why is the Tale of Genji important to Japanese history? A. It was the world’s first novel B. Genji was the emperor to ever rule Japan C. It was the first item ever traded with Europeans D. It tells why the Japanese first started their policy of isolation

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