Irony Practice WKST

  1. English
  2. 7 Grade
  3. Jonathan Kirk
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PRactice &AssesS Reading IRonNy Narne Read each of the following and mark them as follows: V An example of verbal irony D example of dramatic irony S An example of situational irony In the movie Toy Story, a character thinks he is a real space explorer but the audience and the other toys know that he is just a toy. .2. An officer on the Titanic toldapassenger, "God himself could not sink this ship" 3. "I made those biscuits yesterday," said Mom. "I don't know if theyre stil good" Dad banged one on the table. "As soft and fluffy as a chunk of granite," he remarked 4. The label on the inside of a bathing suit reads, "Dry clean only. Do not get wet" 5. On the hottest day of the year, you notice several people wearing boots and carrying skis. 6. Two characters in a movie are speaking Spanish because they want to keep a secret froma third character who only speaks English. The audience knows that the third character was borrn in Mexico and actually speaks Spanish fluently. "Oh nol" exclaimed Darcy. "Look at my shoes" Mom leaned over and noted a speck of dirt on the gray leather. "What a tragedy," said Mom. "They're ruined" 8. Spencer looked at the thermometer: It was l0l degrees outside. "Jeez" he said "I hope it warms up. I warnt to go to the beach later" Two people are stranded on a desert island. They are surrounded by salty ocean water. They grow weak because there is no fresh water fo drink. I0 Tracy and Lydia are new students in a school. To make themselves seem more inferesting, they speak in French accents and pretend they have just moved here from Paris. The audience knows that many of the students actually are from France and have moved to the area because their parents work for a local business. The other students know that Tracy and Lydia aren't from France.

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PRACtiCe &Assess Reading ROny I.A Teacher forgets her homework and isn't able fo grade the students paper's. 12. After Mr. Thompkins finished explaining how to do the math problem, he asked, "Are the instructions clear to everyoneP" In the back of the room Nick sighed. "As clear as mud" he said 13. Perhaps you've heard of World War II? It was a little scuffle between a couple of countries. H . Ina TV program, the president puts on a disguise so he can go out in lunch at a diner, a stranger starts d public. While he's having Conversation with him, complaining about politics and what a bad job the president is doing. 5 . Mrs. Stinson admired Mrs. Rockefeller's huge diamond ring "Oh this little remarked Mrs. Rockefeller. "Its just trinket. I usually don't thing?" a even bother to wear it" 16. A ski area closes because of heavy snowfall. -17. The audience knows that Patrick borrowed his brother's bike without permission and that it was stolen while he had it. When Patrick's brother asks him if he has seen his bike, Patrick says, "It isn't my bike. Why would I know what happened to it?" 18. Jim and John walked into the nearly empty movie theater There was one person already seated. "All the good seats are taken," said John. 9 Ina dramatic movie, a family is heartbroken because their dog has run away. The audience knows that the dog is safe and that ice Family is a trying to help him find his way home. 2 0 You see a cat chasing a large dog across the yard wwwwwwworewo