IONS Learning Tasks Q2W4

  1. Chemistry
  2. 8 Grade
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Learning Task 1: Read each statement or question below carefully and fill in the blank(s) with the best answer by choosing the words inside the box. Cation 1 -ide -ine nonmetals 0 ion ionic compound anion metals root name 1. Any atom or molecule with a net charge, either positive or negative, is known as an ___________. 2. An atom that gains one extra electron forms an ___________with a 1- charge. 3. A positive ion, called a __________ is produced when one or more electrons are lost from a neutral atom. 4. Unlike a cation, which is named for the parent atom, an anion is named by taking the ____________ of the atom and changing the ending. 5. The name of each anion is obtained by adding the suffix ____ to the root of the atom name. 6. The _________ always form positive ions. 7. _______________on the other hand, form negative ions by gaining electrons. 8. It is very important to remember that a chemical compound must have a net charge of____________. Learning Task 2 Answer the following questions below. Among the three pictures A, B, and C, which of the following will best represent: 1. An atom? Why? 2. A cation? Why? 3. An anion? Why? A B C