Introduction to World Religion and Belief Systems - Activity #2

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BUNSURAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Bunsuran I, Pandi, Bulacan SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Introduction to World Religion and Belief Systems Activity #2 Directions: Multiple Choice. Choose the letter of the best 7. According to Deepak Chopra, “Religion is a belief to answer and write it on a separate sheet of paper. someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own 1. A worldview is similar to ________. experience.” It means? A. understanding about life B. opinion A. Spirituality answers the question, “Where do I find C. belief system D. A & B meaning?” while for religion the question is “Where do I belong?’ 2. Which statement is not a belief system? B. Spirituality focus is what is right or wrong, while religion A. I believe I can fly. talks about sacraments and rituals. B. “An unexamined life is not worth living for.” (Socrates) C. Spirituality it is about the question of true or false while C. “Si Malakas at si Maganda” the Filipino version of Creation story. religion is about obedience to the laws. D. The West Philippine Sea belongs to Filipinos as affirmed D. Spirituality asks what rites, sacraments, or rituals by an as arbitrary tribunal in Hague, Netherland. should we follow while Religion ask what are our values? 3. Identify the statement that does NOT describe a 8. From the given statements below, consider the most spiritual person. appropriate behavior or attitude if one is a member of a A. A person who sees God always in all things. religious group? B. A person who always goes to church on Sundays. A. Argue that his/her God is the real one. C. A person who experiences “Bodhi” or “Enlightenment.” B. Criticize other religious beliefs. D. A person who feels the force of nature and become one C. Respect the freedom of Religion. with it. D. Proselytize and convert other people to join your religion 4. Since time immemorial, belief to a divine being is practiced by people in different cultural milieu and 9. Identify which statement does not distinguish between tradition. There are even those who worship animals like Religion and Spirituality? the golden calf in in the Old Testament as their God. Other A. Religion makes us vow, Spirituality set us free. culture even considers millions of small gods like the B. Religion shows us fear, Spirituality shows us courage Hindus. How do you call the people who believe in one C. Religion tells the truth, Spirituality allows us to discover God? the truth. A. Polytheists B. Monotheists D. Religion is real Spirituality is metaphysical. C. Pantheists D. Atheists 10. It is defined as broader than religion. It goes beyond 5. As individuals we use different lenses in seeing things religious affiliation that strives for inspiration, reverence, and realities around us. Conflicts sometimes arise in awe, meaning and purpose even to those who do not defense of their point of view. Our pluralistic society has believe in God. also varied belief systems. What statement best describes A. Animism B. Theology what a belief system is? C. Spirituality D. Philosophy A. A particular way of ordering the realities of the world. B. The religious preferences of a person or group C. Anything that we do and think about all the time. D. A speculative thinking and ritualistic habit of different people. 6. Etymologically it comes from a Latin word, “Religare” which means “to bind or to tie.” A. Spirituality B. Religion C. Culture D. Theology