Instrument Family Test

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Instrument Family Test

Brass Family

Which of this is NOT a Brass family instrument






True or False does the higher or lower pitches matter on a brass instrument

If the statement is TRUE check the box if False leave alone

Sound comes from buzzing lips

Made of wood

Uses Valves

The middle range is a french horn

What is the Piccolo Trumpet and Bass trombone referred to as

Woodwind Family

What does a player use to play their instrument with?

How is pitch changed?

What is the low range instrument?

The first known woodwind instrument appeared over 43,000 years ago in the form of a flute carved from the thigh bone of a bear. Other flutes from this time period have been discovered to be made from bird bones and mammoth tusks, chosen for their hollowness once the marrow has been removed.

How many years ago was the first woodwind made?

String Family

What are 5 different string instruments?

What are Violins and Violas played with? Body wise

True or False Sound is made by plucking, striking, and blowing

Percussion Family

Name 5 different percussion instruments