Information signs 71238

  1. English
  2. Elsa Novia Barata
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1- You can’t go inside this place if you don’t have permission. 2- You must drive slowly in this area because of the children. 3- Only people on foot can go on this road. 4- Only guide dogs can enter into this place. 5- This way is for handicapped people. 6- You can find it in highways. It indicates the distance you are to the next place where you can stop and find information. 7- This is a road for bicycles only. 8- People have to walk carefully here because the floor is wet. 9- It indicates where you have to put your garbage. 10- In this place people can’t use any type of cigarettes or smoking pipes. 11-If you like shooting animals, this is the place for you. It informs you about the period you can do that. 12-You can’t make noise here. 13- It calls your attention for the wrong use of hotel towels, which affects the environment. 14- It indicates the place where you can leave your car. 15- In this place there are cameras recording what people do. 16- This is the place where you can change your little kid’s diaper. 17- You mustn’t throw garbage on the ground. 18- If you enter into this place without permission, and are caught, you will be taken to court. 19- It indicates the place where you can pick up your luggage at the airport. 20- You have to be careful because these dogs are dangerous 21- You can smoke in this area/place.