1. English
  2. 8 Grade
  3. Anabel Mañas
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INFLUENCE UNIT 2 VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR REVISION 1) Organise these past time complements in the right order from the oldest to the most recent. Number them 1-8 20th century last night yesterday last week a month ago five years ago in 2014 when you were 3 2) Write the past simple form of the following verbs 1 do 5 give 2 try 6 stop 3 die 7 travel 4 be 8 have 3) Complete the text with the past simple affirmative form of the verbs in brackets. THEN AND NOW: The Hemsworth Brothers You probably know Chris and Liam Hemsworth. They’re Hollywood actors, famous for acting in Thor and The Hunger Games, but what about their older brother Luke? Luke 1 (be) the first brother to become an actor. He 2 (study) at drama school in Melbourne and then he 3 (appear) on the Australian drama series Neighbours in 2001. Both Chris and Liam 4 (be) also in Neighbours but at different times. When Luke 5 (be) 27 he 6 (stop) acting and he 7 (begin) his own business. Five years later, Chris 8 (offer) him a job in Los Angeles and now he is acting again.

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4) Look at the model and form negative sentences and questions in the past simple: Example: + The students went to school by bus ? Did the students go to school by bus? - No, they didn’t go to school by bus. 1.- + The children played in the playground. ? - 2.- + My mother had to wear a uniform at school. ? - 3.- + His friends invited him to the cinema. ? - 4.- + The dog walked quickly in the park ? - 5.- + The children studied for the exam ? -