IIndependent and dependent clauses worksheet and key

  1. English
  2. Elsa Novia Barata
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Independent and Dependent Clauses Worksheet Identification Identify the following sentences as either dependent (DC) or independent (IC). 1. I went to the park 2. Sandra and Lara have been good friends since first grade. 3. Although Shaina likes Mexican, Iraqi, Somali, and Italian food 4. After swimming in the ocean 5. Animal communication is not considered to be a legitimate language by some scientists. 6. When Jim and Ayman eat lunch together in the breakroom. Joining Clauses Properly join the clauses. 1. W h e n I went to the zoo + I looked at the animals. 2. He came to class + He forgot his homework. 3. We studied all night + Therefore, we did well on the test. 4. She might have been sick + Maybe her car broke down. 5. They went out to eat + Because they were hungry.