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HOMEWORK FOR UNIT 1 READING h Gap – filling attempting after people secure dishes have not written under a lot of study pressure spend on a night shift have been until nurse rushes close-knit biologist mischievous caring obedient household chores wash project Dear David I am sorry that I (1)__________________________ to you for a long time. Because I (2)__________________________very busy lately. Now I tell you about my family life. There are 5 (3)__________________________in my family: my parents, my sister, my younger brother and I. My mother is a (4)__________________________in a hospital, she is very busy because she has to work long hours and once a week, she has to work (5)__________________________. After work, she (6)__________________________to the market, then hurries home to prepare the dinner. She is a really (7)__________________________woman. My father is a (8)__________________________, he works all day in a lab. Whenever he has a (9)__________________________, he doesn’t come home (10)__________________________ very late at night. Although they are very busy, they (11)__________________________their time caring us. Especially, on Sunday, my father usually cooks us some special dishes. One of them, I love his eel soup best. Now, I am a grade 12 student, I am (12)__________________________to win a place at university, so I am (13)__________________________However, I usually help my mother with the (14)__________________________My main responsibility is to (15)__________________________the dishes and take out the garbage. I also look (16)__________________________my younger brother, he is really active and (17)__________________________He is not (18)__________________________and hard- working. In short, my family is very (19)__________________________, we feel very confident and (20)__________________________to go into the world. Tell me your family openly. I am looking forward to seeing your letter. Yours, Hoa