Hurricanes Earth's Mightiest Storms CLOZE

  1. Literature
  2. 4 Grade
  3. Taralynn Webb
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Hurricanes Earth’s Mightiest Name Storms Date Directions: In the sentences below, choose the correct vocabulary word from the word bank. Word Bank whirling rapidly condense source rotating rage experience ancient predict registered 1. Immense, storms are developed over the oceans throughout the world, and these storms are called different names depending on the continent. 2. Many people lived through many huge storms, but they didn’t have the modern technology and scientific data to know what was happening. 3. As the earth is , the storm’s air is shaped like a column where winds travel counterclockwise in the north and travel clockwise in the south. 4. An anemometer is a device that measures wind speed, and the rate of the spinning blades is on a dial indoors. 5. Within the storm, the eye is where the winds around the outside but inside the winds are very calm. 6. When the conditions are just right, the warm, moist air is set in motion as it rises from the surface of the ocean in a low pressure area. 7. People caught in a hurricane may suddenly calm air and dry skies because the eye of the storm is directly over them. 8. Man of long ago looked for signs that would help them the weather, trying the explain what they were experiencing. 9. The clouds are the of the storm’s rain, and heat is the energy that powers the storm. 10. As air rises it cools, and this cooling causes moisture to into small droplets of water that form clouds.