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  2. Яна Кривенко
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A for-and-against essay on the topic:

Young people should always do exactly as their parents tell them.

  1. Make notes on arguments for and against the topic.

  2. Think of supporting examples and reasons to include in your essay.

  3. Make a plan.

  4. Use the Writing box and the phrases in Exercise 5 to write your essay. 

Writing Box

  • Introducing new arguments: To begin with; First of all; Secondly; Furthermore; What is more, Another point is; Some/Most of us know/agree/say; Finally; 

  • Giving examples and support: For example; For instance; Such as; According to; For this reason; 

  • Introducing a contrast: However; On the other hand; Having said that, Although, Nevertheless; 

  • Introducing a conclusion: In summary; In conclusion; To conclude

  • Introducing your own opinion: In my opinion; Ultimately, I think; Personally, I believe