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DIRECTION: Click “THAT’S ME!” if you do the following Healthy Habits, and click “IT’S NOT ME”, if not. HEALTHY “THAT’S “IT’S NOT ME!” ME” PRACTICES 1.I read or study Bible. 2. I tell the truth. 3. I listen to mood music. 4. I do jog around the park. 5. I read my favorite books. 6. I get enough rest and sleep. 7. I make friends in social media. 8. I play sodoku, chess, scrabble, word factory and Games of the general. 9. I eat a balance diet regularly. 10. I go out with my family or friends.

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DIRECTION: Place the following Health Dimension to its appropriate Health Practices. MORAL-SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL HEALTH MENTAL HEALTH HEALTH Going to church Eating a balance Playing mind and have a good meal and games. communication proper exercise. with GOD. HEALTH Talking to your Practice 3R’s Enjoying parents and seek advice Reduce, Reuse, your when you have Recycle friends’ problems. company. SOCIAL HEALTH ENVIRONMENTAL EMOTIONAL HEALTH HEALTH

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DIRECTION: Read the following statements below. Write T if the idea of the sentence is correct and F, if the idea is not correct. 1. Exercising on a regular basis is a healthy practice. 2. Drinking powdered juice and drinking milk daily protect the body from sickness. 3. Eating lean meat is good to our health. 4. Jogging and walking are good to our health. 5. Using stairs in going up and down is good to our lungs. 6. Listening to good music is a medical cure. 7. Eating bread with milk during breakfast is a good start for the day. 8. Staying awake late at night is a healthy habit. 9. Riding motorcycle on a short distance is a good way to save energy. 10. Throwing your garbage into garbage bin is a good practice.