Halloween Sentence editing

  1. English
  2. 5 Grade
  3. Zora Sherman
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Name Date Halloween Sentence Editing Look for usage, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation errors in each sentence. Rewrite each sentence correctly. 1. Are you flying back to the castle in transylvania 2. Be careful. That house is haunted 3. Mrs. russo have you red any scary books lately 4. the monsters brain will only work if I has enough electricity 5. I seen a ghost once in the basement. 6. I will need a map a flashlite a buddy and a bag for trick or treating tonight. 7. did you here the story about the vampire that walks around town at night 8. I wrote a song for halloween and I named it creepy critters at night. Find worksheets, games, lessons & more at education.com/resources © 2007 - 2021 Education.com