Halloween hyperboles (2)

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Name: Date: Halloween Hyperboles Hyperboles are exaggerations which are obviously untrue, often used in speaking or writing to make the story more interesting. For example, “Sean is so hungry, he says he could eat a horse. He really is a bottomless pit.” Directions: Complete each sentence with a hyperbole. 1. I’ve eaten so much candy, I . 2. That kid’s zombie costume is . 3. We went to a frightening haunted house. When I was there, it felt as though my heart . 4. Mateo’s elaborate jack-o-lantern is the I have ever seen. 5. My cousin went trick-or-treating for hours. He came home with of candy. 6. Why don’t you join our pumpkin carving party? We have so many pumpkins, we could ! 7. Samantha carved her pumpkin quickly. She was finished in . Copyright © 2018 Education.com LLC All Rights Reserved More worksheets at www.education.com/worksheets

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