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Test Vocabulary Unit 3 A Read and choose. 1 I said thank you to my friend for lending me her tennis shoes. I was proud / grateful. 2 All my friends were invited to the party, but I wasn’t. I was upset / confident. 3 I worked hard and won a prize for best story-writing. I was relaxed / proud. 4 My face went red because I dropped my drink on the floor. I was embarrassed / calm. 5 All my friends went on vacation and there was nobody to play with. I was lonely / stressed. 6 I felt sick before the beginning of the test. I was grateful / nervous.  /5 B Read and complete. There are two phrases you don’t need. broke our promise  ​forgave my friend  ​got along  ​have a falling out  ​ keep in touch  ​made a promise  ​made friends  ​told a secret Last year, I went on vacation and I 1 made friends with a boy on the beach. I2 well with him and we did a lot of fun things together. We decided that we wanted to 3 with each other after the vacation. At the end of the vacation, we 4 to email every week. After a month, I 5 and forgot to email him. But luckily, we didn’t 6 and we’re still friends!  /5 This page has been downloaded from Photocopiable © Springer Nature Limited 2019 4

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