Grade 4 - Final Test - Math


CA L I F O R N I A STA N DA R D S T E S T 1 Which of these is the number 5,005,014? 5 Which decimal should be placed in the box to have the numbers in order from A least to greatest? B C 0.28 0.32 0.54 ? 0.86 D A B C 2 The estimated cost to build a new baseball D stadium is ninety-four million dollars. What is this number in standard form? A B 6 What is 67,834,519 rounded to the nearest hundred thousand? C D A B C D 3 There were sixty-two thousand, seven hundred twenty-one seagulls nesting on an island. What is this number in standard form? A 7 What is 583,607 rounded to the nearest B hundred? C A D B C D 4 Which of the following has the greatest value? A B C D

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