Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

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Google Earth Scavenger Hunt Use the latitude and longitude coordinates below to discover wonders of the world using Google Earth. Google Earth Directions: You will copy and paste the Latitude and Longitude into the search bar on Google Earth and look for the title of the Landmark and the City where the Landmark is located. Latitude & Longitude Landmark City/State/Country 40.4319° N, 116.5704° E Great Wall of China Beijing, China 48.8584° N, 2.2945° E 27.1751° N, 78.0421° E 33.8568° S, 151.2153° E 43.8791° N, 103.4591° W 55.7525° N, 37.6231° E 27.1127° S, 109.3497° W 37.8199° N, 122.4783° W 43.7230° N, 10.3966° E Now research and pick 3 different places in the world and complete the table. Latitude & Longitude Landmark Features you can identify