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GERUNDS OR INFINITIVE? 5% Change the sentences usint “it” and “the infinitive form” 1. Making a lot of noise stresses me. 2. Eating healthily is important. 3. Seeing poor children is sad. Write the correct form of the verb. 4. I feel bored with _____________ (wait) too long. 5. He continued ________________ (walk) for one hour. 6. He keeps ______________ (interrupt) me. 7. I am thinking of ______________ (talk) to him. 8. We are busy ___________________ (prepare) lunch. 9. She used the scissors _______________ (cut) the string. 10. I went to the party ______________ (meet) her.

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Make up sentences using: Example: Want: she wants to catch up the topic. Imagine: Can you imagine flying? Keep Look forward to Invite Need Avoid Allow Allow us