Gerunds and infinitives review 62127

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Circle the correct answer 1. I am very good at to play/playing Minecraft, which is a 3-D game. 2. Many people are interested in to play/playing Minecraft now- it is very popular. 3. If you are keen on to learn/learning how to play computer games- you’ll love Minecraft. 4. I hate to explode/exploding Creepers- they are very scary and dangerous. 5. My brother and I decided to buy/buying Minecraft, because everyone is crazy about it. 6. Are you crazy about to play/playing computer games? 7. I hope to beat/beating the zombies and the skeletons in the survival mode. 8. My brother promised to let/letting me play the games as much as I wanted. 9. Watch out for the Ender Dragon! Don’t be afraid of to destroy/destroying it. 10. In the survival mode I have to learn how to collect/collecting resources. I also would like to battle/battling mobs and to fight/fighting hunger. 11. The game begins in the over land where players practice to build/building structures. 12. When you are in a cave don’t forget to look out for/looking out for dangerous mobs. 13. One character that is dangerous and I can’t stand to look/looking at is the Ender Dragon. 14. I look forward to defeat/to defeating the Ender Dragon and winning the game. 15. You have to practice to make/making armor, bows, and other weapons. 16. I would avoid to run into/running into zombies, spiders, and creepers. 17. If you enjoy to triumph/triumphing over evil and to overcome/overcoming many obstacles, this game is for you. 18. Once you start playing, it is almost impossible to stop to attack/attacking monsters of all kinds. 19. I love to have/having good triumph over evil and to finish/finishing the game successfully. 20. If you like to be/being a survivor and a winner try Minecraft, if you don’t like to challenge/challenging terrifying monsters, then this game is not for you.