Geography of the Midwest

  1. Social Studies
  2. 4 Grade
  3. Taralynn Webb
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Name Date Geography of the Midwest Circle the word or phrase that makes each sentence correct. 1 A drought / prairie is an area of flat or rolling land covered mostly with grasses and wildflowers. 2 The eastern part of the Interior Plains is known as the Central Plains. / Great Plains. 3 The Midwest’s climate gets wetter / drier as you move from east to west. 4 The lake effect can cause heavy snowfalls / heavy rainfalls in areas near the Great Lakes. 5 South Dakota’s Black Hills are covered with grasses. / forests. 6 The southern Great Plains became known as the Dust Bowl after a tornado / drought in the 1930s. 7 The main crop on the Great Plains is wheat. / corn. 8 Rock that contains minerals is called ore. / iron. 9 The Great Lakes contain nearly one-tenth / one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water. 0 The Central Plains are known as America’s Breadbasket. / the Corn Belt. © Harcourt Use after reading Chapter 8, Lesson 1, pages 246–251. Homework and Practice Book ■ 69