Geography of the Mediterranean Basin


Please complete the following three activities. For the final activity spelling counts, make sure you copy the words accurately from the map or use the correct spelling of the cardinal directions.

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Directions: Fill in the blanks using the word bank and your knowledge of maps and geography. 1. The southernmost location listed on this map is ___________________. 2. The province in the extreme southeast corner of this map is called ____________________. 3. Sailing west from the city of Salonica in Dalmatia you will reach the country ________________. 4. Southwest of Dacia is the province of ____________________. 5. Southeast of Dacia is the province of _____________________. 6. Mauretania Tingitana is to the __________ of Mauretania Caesariensis. 7. Bordering directly on the ___________ of Mauretania Caesariensis is Africa Proconsularis. 8. __________ __________ of Sicilia are the islands Sardinia and Corsica.

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