GEOGRAPHY HOMEWORK __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. The end points of the earth are called ___________. A. Meridians B. Polar. C. Equatorials. D. Spheres 2. The network of parallels and meridians on the globe is called a _________. A. Meridians B. Grids C. Equatorials. D. Spheres 3. The imaginary lines running from east to west around the earth are called_______________. A. Meridians B. Polar. C. Latitudes D. Spheres 4. The ___________ passes through Greenwich. A. Prime Meridian B. Polar. C. Tropic of Cancer D. Equator 5. The portion of the earth lying above the equator is called the ___________. A. Polar B. Northern Hemisphere C. Equatorials. D. Spheres 6. To locate a place on the earth, we must know its ___________ and___________. A. Diagonals B. Parallels C. Latitudes D. Longitudes and Latitudes 7. Meridians are also known as ___________. A. Meridians B. Polar. C. Equatorials. D. Longitudes 8. The maximum distance between two meridians is at the ___________. A. 900C B. 1800C. C. 10C D. 100C

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