Baking Fiction - December

  1. English
  2. Megan Oliver
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Name ____________________ Baking Date ____________________ Fiction Lois sprang out of bed. Today was the day she had been dreaming about all week long. Dad had promised to help her concoct sweet treats for the school bake sale. They had already purchased all of the necessary ingredients at the grocery store. Lois got dressed and dashed to the kitchen. She got out the flour, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, morsels, and butter. Once the butter was softened, she and dad put it into the mixing bowl with the sugar and turned on the motor. The rest of the ingredients were combined and soon the smell of delicious cookies filled the air. Lois and Dad were happy! Main Idea Terms What is the main idea of the story? What do you think each word means? concoct-  Cookies for the Bake Sale necessary-  A Mess in the Kitchen morsels-  Working at the Bake Sale motor-  Cookies taste delicious. ingredients- Inferences Sequencing Answer each & explain your answer Put the events in the correct order What kind of cookies was Lois making? ___ Lois made cookies DAHarker@2019 How did Lois feel when she woke up? ___ Lois woke up Where did they put the cookies to cook them? ___ Lois got dressed. Which day of the week do you think it is? ___ Lois took out ingredients. .