GA unit 2 7th

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Gateway 2nd Edition A2 Student name Group/Class Date Score GRAMMAR 1 Complete the sentences with the correct f orm of there is or there are. 1 two armchairs in the living room. 2 a computer on the desk. 3 A: Is there a clock in the kitchen? B: No, . 4 any shelves in the study? 5 What in your room? Score: /5 2 Complete the sentences with the correct present simple or present continuous f orm of the verbs given. 1 Where’s Marcus? He (listen to) music in his bedroom. 2 She’s not doing it today, but she often (go) swimming after school. 3 I usually have a sandwich for lunch, but today I (go) to a fast-food restaurant. 4 A: What (you/do)? B: My homework. 5 A: Can I play a game on your computer? B: No, I (use) it. Score: /5 3 Complete the sentences with the correct answer, A, B or C. 1 A: Do you know where my MP3 player is? B: It’s all those clothes on the chair. A in front of B under C in 2 I’ve got three posters of Messi my bedroom wall. A next to B in C on 3 Is your new house the school? A above B near C under

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4 A: Where’s my games console? B: It’s the cupboard. Open the door and look. A in B on C behind 5 A: I can’t find the coffee. Is it on this shelf? B: Yes. It’s the sugar. A on B in C next to Score: /5 VOCABULARY 4 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the short dialogues. 1 A: What’s for dinner? B: Ask Mum. She’s in the kitchen/garage cooking. 2 A: Is John awake? He’s late for school. B: No, he’s still asleep in his garden/bedroom. 3 A: I want to have a shower before I go out. B: You can’t. Alice is in the bathroom/dining room washing her hair. 4 A: I think my school bag is in the car. B: Well the car is in the kitchen/garage Go and look for it there. 5 A: Where’s Dad? B: He’s in the hall/living room watching T V. Score: /5 5 Complete the sentences with these words. T here are two extra options. cooker desk fridge radiator shelf sink sofa 1 T he milk is in the . 2 A: It’s cold in here. B: Sit near the . 3 Your homework is on your next to the computer. 4 Put your dirty dishes in the . 5 T hree people can sit on this . Score: /5

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6 Complete the sentences with these words. doing lay take tidying washing 1 I usually the table before dinner. 2 My mum hates the dishes so she has got a new dishwasher. 3 My brother the rubbish out every evening. 4 We are the shopping for our party. 5 I’m up my bedroom before my friends arrive. Score: /5 USE OF ENGLISH 7 Complete the email with one word in each gap. Hi Ben, I’m writing this from sunny Spain! We’re on holiday and we (1) staying in a lovely house. T here is a park (2) front of the house and it is near the beach. We go swimming every day. T here (3) only two bedrooms, so I’m sleeping in the same room as Brad, my brother. He’s so untidy! I make the bed and tidy (4) every morning, but he does nothing! We don’t eat here because (5) isn’t a cooker. We can make breakfast, but for dinner we go to a nice restaurant next (6) our house. I love Spanish food. And I like watching T V here. I (7) learning some words in Spanish! How’s school? (8) you working hard? See you soon. ☺ Love, Angela Score: /8