G5-6-Lesson1-Hobbies and Interests

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II. Drag the correct hobbies or interests to complete the sentences. 1. I like _____________ (play the guitar) in my music class. swimming 2. I like _______________ (watch T.V) on the weekends. cooking 3. I enjoy ____________ (swim) in the ocean. hiking 4. I love _____________ (ride a bike) in the park. dancing 5. I like going __________ (hike) in the mountains. playing games 6. I like __________ (dance) to Black Pink’s music. playing the guitar 7. I enjoy ________ (cook) with my mom. playing baseball 8. I like _____________(read books) in the library. watching T.V 9. I love ____________(play baseball) after school. riding a bike 10. I love _____________(play games) with my friends. reading books

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