[G3] Past simple + sequences

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I. Choose the correct answer. E.g. Did they __________ by ship? A. travel B. traveled C. travels D. traveling 1. Adam __________ a new Ipad last week. A. buy B. bought C. buys D. did buy 2. Last Sunday, Lily and Max __________ to the fair. A. went B. go C. didn’t went D. were go 3. How did they __________ from danger ? A. escape B. escaped C. escapeed D. didn’t escape 4. Did Jack __________ to his mother? A. talked B. didn’t talk C. talk D. took II. Read and write the correct word. bought went ate were took away Yesterday, Jane (E.g.)_____went____________ to candy store. He (5.) _________________ sixteen candies at the store. His sister (6.)_____________ 3 candies. His little brother (7.)___________ 5 candies ___________. How many candies (8.)________________ left on Jane’s plate?

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