[G3] Past simple + sequences

  1. English
  2. 2 Grade-4 Grade
  3. Lola Lola
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I. Choose the correct answer. E.g. Did they __________ by ship? A. travel B. traveled C. travels D. traveling 1. Adam __________ a new Ipad last week. A. buy B. bought C. buys D. did buy 2. Last Sunday, Lily and Max __________ to the fair. A. went B. go C. didn’t went D. were go 3. How did they __________ from danger ? A. escape B. escaped C. escapeed D. didn’t escape 4. Did Jack __________ to his mother? A. talked B. didn’t talk C. talk D. took II. Read and write the correct word. bought went ate were took away Yesterday, Jane (E.g.)_____went____________ to candy store. He (5.) _________________ sixteen candies at the store. His sister (6.)_____________ 3 candies. His little brother (7.)___________ 5 candies ___________. How many candies (8.)________________ left on Jane’s plate?

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III. Fill in the blanks use Past Simple. 1. They _____________ their picnic in the forest last weekend. (eat) 2. We _____________ at the cinema last night. (be) 3. He ____________ a very scary horror film last night. (watch) 4. ___________ you __________ broccoli when you were a child? (hate) 5. He was very thirsty. He ______________ two glasses of water. (drink) 6. She ________________ her homework a few minutes ago. (not finish) 7. He ________________ cream to make ice-cream last Tuesday. (not buy) 8. They ______________ lots of animals in the zoo yesterday. (see)

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IV. Read the text, read the following sentences, and then write True (T) or False (F). Mary had a beautiful garden with roses, tulips and carnations. She liked to work in her garden at the weekend. One Saturday morning she was digging in the garden when she found an old box in the ground. She took it in her hands and looked at it carefully. It was a yellow, old wooden box. She was very happy because she thought she found a treasure. She took the box into the kitchen and cleaned it with some paper. Then, she took a knife and tried to open it but it was really hard. She tried again until she opened it. In the box, there were some old pictures of her mother when she was a little girl. Mary wasn’t sad. Those pictures were a real treasure for her!!! E.g. Mary liked to work in the shop at the weekend. ____F____ 1. She found an old box in the ground. _________ 2. The box was a green and old wooden box. _________ 3. She was very scared because she thought she found a _________ treasure.

Read the story again and number the event.
She took the box into the kitchen and cleaned it.
She was very happy because it might be a treasure.
Mary dug in the garden.
Mary found an old box in the ground.
She tried to open the box with a knife.
There were some old pictures in the box.