Focus4 2E Unit Test Writing Unit2

  1. English
  2. Diana Vovk
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UNIT TEST 2 Writing Name: ____________________________ Class: ____________________________ Total: _______/30 Your school magazine wants articles about coming of age. Read the instructions on the magazine website. Eighteenth birthdays are seen as the time when you leave childhood behind and become an adult, but it is also a time when young people often make mistakes and do foolish things. Write an article in which you describe some of these common mistakes and explain how young people can avoid them. We will publish a selection of articles in next month’s magazine. • Include a catchy title. • Include an introduction. • Discuss two or three common mistakes young people make in the main paragraphs. • End with a conclusion. Write your article for the magazine. /30 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 4 SECOND EDITION (B2/B2+)