Focus4 2E Unit Test Vocabulary Grammar UoE Unit2 GroupA


UNIT TEST 2 ● GROUP A Vocabulary, Grammar and Use of English Name: __________________________________ 4 We couldn’t _______________ an agreement Class: __________________________________ about where to eat so we went to separate Total: _________/30 restaurants. 5 He _______________ me a wave from the Vocabulary other side of the dancefloor and I knew he 1 Complete the sentences with the missing was the one. words. The first letters are given. There is one ___/5 space for each missing letter. 0 I’m not normally a t t r a c t e d to boys Grammar who don’t read any books at all. 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Perfect 1 He let out a loud g _ _ _ _ when he broke his Simple or Past Perfect Continuous. leg. 0 I was confused because he hadn’t mentioned 2 My roommate has a nasty h _ _ _ _ of (mention) any of that to me before. chewing loudly! 1 I ordered the wrong amount because I 3 I’m o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with this new flavour of _________________________________ ice-cream. I can’t stop eating it. (misunderstand) the client on the phone. 4 It’s p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ normal to miss your 2 The kids were happy, hungry and tired because friends when you move to a new city. they _________________________________ (play) in the garden all day. 5 She needs to be kinder but it’s e _ _ _ _ _ _ important that you make an effort too. 3 She __________________________________ (never/ want) to get married until she met ___/5 Phillip. 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form 4 I was apologetic but they said they _________ of the verbs in the box. There is one extra word. _____________________ (not wait) long. roar think make have 5 At that point I __________________________ fall give reach (not hear) from her in more than three 0 If she doesn’t make you feel at ease, then you months. should say something. ___/5 4 Choose the correct option. 1 We need to start _______________ outside the box if we want to win the prize for 0 First-borns, that / who / which are used to innovation. being given responsibility, make great leaders. 2 We were _________________ with laughter 1 This is the lady who / which / whose I told you watching funny cat videos online. about. 3 From our first date I knew I was ____________ 2 The person which / that / whose car is for him. parked over there can’t be a very good driver. © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 4 SECOND EDITION (B2/B2+)

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